If you have a novel that you want to be adapted into an industry-standard screenplay. Get in touch! 

It would be preferable if you have a synopsis/treatment of your book. 

It involves:-

Assessment of the book which includes, 

  • Reading the book (Obviously!) (-:

 Regular discussion with the author(you!) which includes- 

  • Creative input about the opening scene,

  • Re-ordering of some events-by using flashbacks or memory or dream sequence - meaning finding the best way to tell a visual story. 

  • Making creative choices for the primary plot.

  • Using my instinct, I can explain why it's better to keep something in Screenplay and need for any change or to skip the entire scene- We discuss all that, and when we reach a satisfactory conclusion, we go ahead with it. 

  • Making sure the essence of the book is maintained in a cinematic manner.

  • Best way to create(in some instance re-create) the scene yet maintaining the flavor of the scene

  • Making sure the essence of the book is kept in a cinematic manner

  • Capturing the essence of the trait of characters and suggesting some changes, whether we should highlight something to create more conflict or contrast. 

  • All in all, tell a compelling visual story.

Above all will be my creative input, but your thoughts are equally important. We can discuss why a particular scene or order of events is better, keeping the project's highest interest in mind. 



What if you want a classic story re-written for the screen in a particular way- 

For example,

Telling a story from a particular character's POV-

Challenging the way it's been told and retold so far. 

Don't hesitate to contact me! I love creative challenges!