For me to accept your project...
Do I accept all the project that comes my way? 

I would love to take on board all the Screenwriting assignment that I can:-

However, Some things are essential. Please read the following scenarios.


(1) I need to know what's it about.

I mean, if you don't know/have clarity on what is your idea/concept/story is about, how can you explain to me to execute it.


Screenplay Writing is not just about writing; it's creative as well as a technical process.

One can not fit in one more paragraph or one more page just 'because I thought about it afterward' in between, like books or novels.


When I take on screenwriting project-

I will be working with that concept, story, character's conflict and drama, dialogues for some months. I believe in any type of work; when we love the basic idea, we can execute it more beautifully and passionately.


I would want to know what is the genre is and what the basic plot. In simple words, 'What is it about?'

I want to love the world I am going to live in my mind for the coming months.

(2) The second thing is 'US':-

Yes, Us.

Working on a creative process is sort of being in a relationship.

We should have a rapport in understanding each other about the project Our aim should be ultimately towards what is better for the script and story, not about

'keep it because I said it,' OR

"Oh, I wanna keep that scene. I just love it so much," (But that scene may not be adding any value to the whole script.) OR

"But why doesn't she say it like that what I mentioned"- (B'coz if she says it like that, it will not provoke the reaction from the opposite character in a certain way, which is crucial for the scene.)


Don't get me wrong. It is a creative process; therefore, there are no rules written on stone.

But what I am trying to say is that you've got to trust me that I will be working at my best capacity on your script.

However, your inputs are equally important. We can discuss different points of view, and if what you are suggesting is better or more fitting, we can go with that.


The point is, the creative process should not be disrupted because of micro-egoism.

(I don't think this is a word, I just invented it...Lol! )

This is very important in the creative process; otherwise, we end up utilizing our energy in explaining each other rather than working towards the project.


Ultimately, I believe in building trust and network, which can take us further.

(3) I cannot take projects

 where you want me to rewrite the existing script or do any kind of work on it, but you don't have any intellectual property rights on that.  That's plain silly! Lol.