How Can I Help?

​I help with creating various long-form and short-form content and copy in the following industries.

With regards to short-form copy, I believe in creating copy or content that is compelling, snappy, and catchy that stops the audience mid-scroll and inspires to share it. I have an instinctive awareness of what content will quickly engage the audience and make them read, like, and share while communicating a memorable message.

  • Lifestyle

  • Interior Designing

  • Designer Brand

  • Fashion

  • Boutique

  • Artifacts 

  • Real Estate

  • Fashion - Accessories, Handbags, Shoes, Apparel.

  • Import-Export 

  • Jewelry

  • Food- Cafes/Bistro, Restaurants

  • Landscaping 

  • Architecture

  • Spa and Salons

  • Information Technology articles

  • Dentistry

  • Pharmacy Related

  • Furniture/Soft Furnishing

  • Healing Practice

  • Spiritual Online Shop

  • Holistic Therapy Business

  • Art Galleries, Paintings

  • Candles, Essential Oils, Soapmaking.

  • Gardening 

  • Diet (Keto, Vegetarian, Weight Loss)

  • Kitchen Accessories