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In her own words:

What do I aim for when I write for you?

  • If I am writing about products, I aim to write copy or content that highlights product features as well as creates emotional engagement leading to purchase and long-term loyalty.

  • If it's about services and intangibles, I always aim to put complex information in a simple, easy to understand, and effective way, highlighting how it can make reader's lives easier which leads to purchasing or utilizing services.

Something More, Something Unique.

Additional reasons why you should choose me(-:

My screenwriting and poetry skills also add immense value to this role. 

It gives me that extra "oomph" when it comes to the creative and artistic buzz words, how they tick the human psyche, how they move us or inspire us to watch something or buy something. 

I always learn and understand the company's mission, values, and passion and bring the essence into the content or copy that I write.

Campaign, Concept & Strategy:-

A highly imaginative and visual writer with excellent conceptualizing skills.

Here is the link to the Promotional video campaign for the book, “I Kiss You Blue”. https://youtu.be/gWNaI1v9lVo.

Kiana came up with the concept and devised the intriguing strategy for a week-long campaign. She also did the research, designed the creatives, wrote the content, and edited the video herself.

​For this campaign, she did the following things:-


Please see the video to understand it. 

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PLEASE ASK sample work for Copy. Slogans/Promotional one-liners for the past client: "Go Blossom"

PLEASE ASK sample of IT technical "Long-Form Article" 

PLEASE ASK sample of comparison between different devices in the dental industry- "Long-Form"

PLEASE ASK sample of short-bio of a celebrity designer for a magazine -"short-form"


PLEASE ASK Samples for Company PROFILES:-   

2021 Invest Go Ltd.- (Import/Export) UK

Research, Company Profile, content, Brochure.

2020 Turf & Clover- (Landscaping Firm), S. Africa

Copy, Slogan, Company Profile, Website content

2019 Arome Global- (Perfume) Company profile, Singapore

2019 Intel i Bliss- (IT Firm) Company Profile, London, UK

Content and Copywriting CV/Resume

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Product  Description

Social Media Content



For  Fashion Apparel


        Home Designing


        Furniture...and more...

Kiana had created content for brands in various fields for social media. 

Copy for push emails, Greetings.
More slogans, quotes, and festive greetings can be provided if required. 
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Poem 7- Reading and Watching Death(Repla
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Stong visual and writing skills:

Kiana has been very skillful at drawing and painting since she was young. However, she never had the opportunity to put that skill to use. 

Until her poetry book, "I Kiss You Blue"

She did all the illustrations in the book and of course, she came up with a concept too.

She has also made a storyboard on one of the movie sets.

Here are some samples of her sketches from her book. 



Book Cover Design/Idea

The coverage on the right is designed by Kiana. 

Book Cover is an extremely important factor in book publishing.

The design can depend on the type of book as well as what the author would like to convey at first glance. 


Kiana considered the following things when designing her front book cover page. It should be

*Eye-catching, Impactful that would make someone wants to know about it

*Engaging before the reader opens the book.



So, you can see what was the result on right.

It received positive feedback from all and even the publisher loved it to keep it as it is. 

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Logos Designed:
# Concept
# Theme
# Colors
# Fonts
# Nature of Business 
# Style
# Message 
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As an 'in-house' conceptual creative content and copywriter, I bring the following which are an asset to the company:


  • Highly organized, punctual, and sincere individual.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • A real passion for creating user-friendly copy and content.

  • Highly creative, enthusiastic, and able to come up with interesting and engaging concepts.

  • Understanding the target audience of each brand and able to adapt the copy and content tone accordingly.

  • Experience with lifestyle, jewelry, and luxury products.

  • Understanding of SEO

  • Able to create a concept, devise a strategy, and an outline for a campaign.

  • Innate ability to look at things from a different and creative angle.

  • Writing content and copy that has an emotional impact and highlights the USP of the brand.

  • Able to provide a consistent voice that creates a brand identity and can enhance brand value.

  • Proofreading and editing treatments, outlines, and scripts.

  • Strong research skills in the development of new campaigns.

  • Experience in working with clients from different parts of the world.

  • Confident to pitch an idea or options to clients or a team.

  • Experience in working with B2B or B2C clients.

  • Able to work in a collaborative environment yet self-motivated and pro-active.

  • Excellent understanding of script development and production process.

  • Understanding the role of the director, graphic designer, marketing, PR, and the design team and able to collaborate with them.

  • Experience in writing cross-platform campaign copy for consumer brands.

  • Always up for creative experiments within the agency.


Apart from the above, I have strong administrative, organizational, prioritization, and research skills.

Experience in creating various concepts for commercials as per client's requirements and writing scripts with dialogues.
Please contact,  if you like to request the script sample. 
For screenwriting services, please check the screenwriting pages on this site for more information.