***** SCREENWRITING ***** 


Project:- Developing a Screenplay from the concept given by a client.

Genre: Faith-based drama

Client:-Wally Veazie, USA

"I employed Kiana to write a screenplay based on a concept I created. She did a fantastic job finding interesting and creative elements to include in the screenplay. Kiana was very attentive to staying within my goals and she asked many questions. I would recommend Kiana for screenplay writing."


Project: Proofreading/Editing Screenplay

Genre: Sci-fi  Teenage drama

Client: Sara Pascoe,UK

"I highly recommend Kiana! Her work is very helpful, and she's a pleasure to work with. She has excellent ideas and knows the craft of screenwriting!"



Project:- Writing a screenplay from an outline with creative input

Genre: Action, Thriller.  

Client: Jose(Director), Puerto Rico

"Working with Kiana has been a great experience.  She works fast and delivers the product in a timely manner.  She responds to the messages right away. She is very creative and added life to the characters and the purpose of the story."


Project: Polishing, Editing/Proofreading Series Episode Script

Genre: Crime, Drama

Client: Andrew Harrison(Director), Harrison Productions USA 

"Kiana is an awesome person to work with. She communicated properly to understand what goal that I was trying to accomplish. She finished the project before the date we agree on."


Project:- Writing a screenplay from a concept with creative input

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Client: Brian D. Goff(Director/DOP), Switzerland

"I am very happy with the result. Kiana is a very gifted writer."


Project:- Treatment Re-Write

Genre: Romance, Drama

Client: Yosahlah, USA  

"Kiana is a great writer. I am very happy with the result. Hope to work with her on all of my projects."


Short Spec Script 

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Client: dd on Fiverr, USA

"I recommend Kiana. It was great to work with her. Satisfied with the content. She has a great eye for details as well as plot and character development. Loved the script. Great and fast service. Hope to work together again."


Treatment Rewrite

Genre: True Life story, Drama

Based on event happened in Chicago during the 1960 -1970s.

Client: Marci  


Project: Non-Fiction Self-help Book. "50 Things to Know About Being an Empath"

Client: Lisa Rusczyk Ed D,  CZYK Publishing, USA

"Kiana did an excellent job in writing the book '50 things to know about Being an Empath'.

Her dedication and enthusiasm to inspire and help others with the book are commendable. Her passion for the subject has brought through research in the book. She has made it possible to understand the very complicated psychological matter with day-to-day examples many readers can relate to. I enjoyed working with her, and I hope to work with her again. I definitely recommend Kiana to others."



Project: Content writing slogans and one-liners for the new brand 'Go-Blossom' as well as a company profile.

Client: Johana Brody, Founder 'Go Blossom', Toronto, Canada. 


"Kiana was a pleasure to work with! She brought great insights to the work, went above and beyond expectations and is a great communicator. Looking forward to working with her again!"


Project: Creating a Company Profile for a Landscaping Company

Client:- Ian Credible at Turf & Clover Landscaping- Zambia

"Kiana was very understanding and delivered exactly what I was looking for. I totally recommend her, and will definitely call back again. She has done a great job."

***** Poetry Collection "I Kiss You Blue" ******

Leo O'Sullivan

Founder- Scriptguy.com 


“Like stabs of lightning in a pitch-black sky, Kiana Kleemm’s flashing words illuminate the vast, secret landscape of the heart and shake our souls awake with fierce passion and childlike joy. At once innocent and knowing, hopeful and heart-rending, this collection of poems is a life-affirming celebration of both the human spirit and the liberating fires of imagination.”


Paresh Rawal

Actor, Producer, Dramatist


"Elegant and brave poetry on various facets of life. and meticulously written high-concept screenplays.

Wishing Kiana all the best on her creative endeavors."


Chadwick Struck

Producer, Casting Director


“Bold yet layered on diverse impacting ideas.  Positively colorful Poetry”.